Naked & Ashamed (no longer)

The first substitution garments pictured above – fig leaves.
Genesis 3:10
10 And he (Adam) said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.
Adam and Eve were created with a spiritual covering over them given to them by their creator YAH the father. When they fell they were stripped by Satan of that covering. They became naked and ashamed. As was the state of the rest of man who descended from Adam and Eve.
Naked- “Erom” which means nudity. From the root word “aram” which means to be or make bear, to be cunning, to be ware. To take crafty counsel, to be prudent, to deal subtly.
Ashamed- means to be disappointed or delayed. To be confounded, confused, to become dry; delay.
We lost our garment ( mind) in the beginning due to sin/error.  That garment and covering was YAH’s truth and the YAH-like faith that Adam was created with.  To be without his truth/word is to be without your garment.  We as a people have been without the truth and spirit of our Heavenly Father word for 400 yrs.   Those who have not been born again of the spirit and the water( the word) remain in this state even now.  Because you are “naked”, the wicked one has access to you and can see your shame.  We who profess Christ and are born again must be careful not to let Satan clothe you with his lies, and the flood of doctrine and fads and African demonic culture which is now being cast out after Israel, (spiritually born again regenerated Hebrew Israelite descendants).
Those lies and that flood (mentioned in Rev. 12:15 &16) are dirty garments. Satan’s wisdom/religion/ politics culture is the spotted and blemished garment. Israel has now come to the end of the 400 year captivity and there is a sense of awareness among us as a people.  But what will you truly wake up to?  What will you now clothe yourself with in this great day?  There are two awakenings.  Some will wake up to life and some to everlasting shame and contempt( Daniel 12:2).  What master will you serve?  What garment will you now wear?  There are two coverings/ garments that a man can clothe himself with in these days and times.  One is of the creator YAH almighty and his word/spirit.  The other is of the flesh/the carnal nature of man, in which Satan uses that state of a unbeliever to destroy him or her completely.  In a day that many are racing to find their “roots” we see a “pan “African movement in full swing.  Ever notice how the beginning word of that term is “pan” aka the goat demon?  Anyhow, we see our own people who are truly Hebrew Israelite in origin, thinking and being made to believe that they are African because this was the place we were taken as a people and sold into our 400 year slavery in the americas.  Unbelieving Hebrew Israelites choose to cover themselves with the spotted garments both literally and spiritually.  The common attire and print of African influence is the commonly worn leopard print.  It is to them a symbol of wealth and power, not to mention the spiritual demonic vibration that those garments carry.  Wealth and power are two of the most carnal motivations known to man.  Satan tempted our Messiah in the wilderness with these very things:
Matthew 4:8-10
8 Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;
And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.
10 Then saith Yashua unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship YAHOWAH thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.
It’s about high time we start waking up out of this demonic haze we have been in for 400 years.  Now is the time for healing , cleansing and restoration.  Part of that means exposing the falsehoods and pulling each other out of the fire (false enlightenment of Satan).
Jude 1:21-23
21 Keep yourselves in the love of YAH looking for the mercy of our Yashua the Christ unto eternal life.
22 And of some have compassion, making a difference:
23 And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the “garment “spotted by the flesh.
Revelation 16:15
15 Behold, I come as a thief.  Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.
Romans 1:16
16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of Yah unto salvation, to everyone that believeth; to the Jew (tribe of Judah/Yahudah) first, and also to the Greek.
When you are believing (to be and exist to yield to YAH) we can not be ashamed nor can we be naked. Yashua has given back the born again remnant their clothes. This group of people are his bride and they have special garments. The fine linen of the saints is pure and white.
Revelation 19:8
8 And to her (the bride of Christ) was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.
This is their righteousness. They are invited to the marriage supper, ( to feast on the hidden manna of his word) they are the church( called out of the world ones who in the presence of his Holy Spirit he finds without spot or blemish of this world / sin because they have been clothed and washed in his precious blood and cleansed of their nakedness and carnal minds. He has taken them out of the darkness/ obscurity /shameful state of being and brought them into his marvelous light that they should show forth his praises and be lights and vessels for light ( enlightenment in the earth ) PRAISE YAHOWAH Most High !
This writing was submitted by my dear sister Naariyah.  She is a beloved wife, mother and daughter of the Most High who keeps her mind covered with the garments of the word of Yah.  This writing should inspire the remnant people of YHWH who were called before the foundation of the world to be naked/bare before our Maker, and NOT ashamed.  Hebrews 4:13 “Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of Him with whom we have to do.”

The Garden of Peace


When I think about the garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives as seen in this pic, I think about a place of anticipation, tension, strain, unease, apprehension, great concern, vexation, grief, sorrow, tears, sweat like drops of blood, earnest prayer, acceptance, faith, and finally, thanksgiving.  Some of us find ourselves in one or more of those adjectives often and simultaneously, in one or many of life’s cycles. This is a place where we experience a myriad of thoughts and feelings, but through grace, and the sheer fact that somewhere deep inside we know we must continue on, we leave them aside for a greater purpose… His will being done.  At least I hope and believe that the people of the Most High want His will to be done above all, after the feelings come and go, and after all is said and done.  After all, we’ve not experienced torture and the excruciating pain and suffering the same way our Messiah and Savior did, but we have in fact, experienced torture, pain and suffering in many ways.  I believe as people of the Most High, all of our hardship is produced from three main sources of satanic influence.

First, the terrible effects of sin come from the satanic world rule and its hidden origins, elements, and influence that began when the authority and dominion was delivered to satan from Adam as a result of eating from the tree of the knowledge of good AND evil.

Secondly, our heavy burdens come from our forefather’s disobedience in not following the commandments of the Most High given on Mt. Sinai as a covenant between them and the Father.  Our forefathers and ancestors plainly worshiped idols in opposition to Yah’s commands.  So therefore we have been punished with the generational curses passed down to the 3rd and 4th generation with enslavement that is still in effect in the present day in time, consisting of several forms of slavery, bondage and exploitation that is expressed in the words of the curse in Deuteronomy 28:16-68.

And lastly, much grief comes from living to please ourselves, when we fulfill our fleshly desires and focus on self above all else.  Most are unknowingly born into a carnal mental state of sin.  They might quote the scripture, “we were all born in sin and shaped in iniquity”, but people don’t really make the connection until the truth is revealed to them that they’ve been deceived in the area of self.  Self-esteem (learned in elementary school), self-reliance, self-help and self-love, can easily lead to self-conscious, self-righteous, selfish thinking and self-worship which satan esteems.  good and evil tree

Sin in short means, ERROR and missing the mark – so every person born, is born in ERROR.  And on top of that, after we are born, we are kept indoctrinated with worldly standards and advice to encourage that inherent ERROR to ‘follow your heart’, … do ‘whatever makes you happy’, with several reminders along the way that Y.O.L.O. (acronym for You Only Live Once).  This implies that choices are based on emotions which come from the limbic part of brain, and instincts or impulses which come from the reptilian part of brain… and our choices are not based on the spiritual rational mind from the Creator of heaven and earth.  In fact, those that don’t use the spiritual mind, don’t believe anything about the bible is rational in their human error.  The error that is innately in us, was produced by the sin and error in thinking, that the first earthly man had.  This error was not just a mistake.  It was a disrespect, disregard, act of disloyalty and blatant form of adultery in his relationship with Yah, that disturbed, disrupted, corrupted, polluted and tainted the perfect mindset and thought pattern that the first man was given.  Adam and Eve were created in His image and likeness and when they had error in thinking (sinned), they allowed the erroneous thought pattern of evil, from satan, to enter in their minds, and put them in a contrary, obstructive, clashing, conflicting, and opposing position to the perfection Yah created them in.  They made a breach and as a result, they could only operate in the lower parts of the brain in the sensual areas of thoughts, emotions and flesh, that they suddenly became aware of.  Scripture says that their “eyes” (five/six senses) were “opened” (perception changed).  The breakdown came from listening to and entertaining another source (source of evil) and making decisions without considering and obeying the Most High’s commands.  That was the very first error that led them to be separated from their Creator.  Billions of people don’t see how detrimental these effects are, simply because they are functioning in the fallen state of man… and many are not realizing they lack the truth about their origins.  They simply don’t care and are not concerned to learn what they can do to please their Creator, having a creature-like mind.  They only understand the emotional and carnal ways of pleasing their Creator.  Those carnal acts are outward acts and might include attending a local church, mosque or synagogue faithfully, maybe even having a membership, giving tithe and/or to charity, fasting, praying on a rug 7x a day, becoming vegetarian, activating their chakras, wearing fringes, lighting candles, keeping various feasts days and solomn assemblies, professing Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and many other examples, but last and not least, my favorite, being social media preachers and teachers.  A few of the outward actions I mentioned, are not carnal in the act itself, but because some of those actions are mainly observed in the ERROR of the mind, and not according to scriptures but customs, culture and religion. Boy oh boy, if we only had time and a mind to talk about what true salvation looks like!!!  Billions are missing this… and it’s because they don’t want to talk about it – and would rather define what is right for themselves. Everyone is right is his or her own eyes, but we must remember the proverb, there’s a way that seems right to a man, but the end is the way of death.
And even as they did not like to retain Yah in their knowledge, Yah gave them over to a reprobate (unprincipled, degenerate and corrupted) mind, to do those things which are not convenient;” (suitable, appropriate, fitting, agreeable to Yah’s word) Romans 1:28

The Words of Yah, through the holy scriptures (bible and supporting books written and inspired by Yah’s holy prophets, apostles, scribes and willing vessels) can only be received in the spiritual mind through Christ who made it possible for us to even approach the true and living God (who is YHWH – some pronounce Yahweh/Yahuah/Yahowah/YAH).  Most people do not even approach or take the time to enter into this part of the brain and spiritual mind which is called the neocortex or cerebrum or “Holy of Holies”, if you will.  Those who refuse to go higher to the spiritual mind of Christ are like our ancestors who refused to go up to the Mount and speak to Yah face to face.  The Most High Yah wants that facetime with the people he has chosen!!! The Most Holy Place, as named in scripture, is the most intimate place of the temple, where no impurity or defilement could enter, and the pattern of our brains represent the temple of Yah.  The neocortex being in the front where our doorposts are, and where the name and the seal of Yah is written in our foreheads.   The part of the brain where reason and rational thought are conceived and perceived by spiritual revelation, also receive Yah (the self-existing eternal one), his Christ (the word of Yah) and the Holy Spirit (who leads and guides into all truth).  In this new mind, based on the absolute truths of history and prophecy in scripture (the testimony of Yahshua is the spirit of prophecy Rev 19:10), a person is revived and resurrected to a higher way of thinking; simply being born again.  Not Luther Vandross and Mariah or Billy Preston and Syreeta Wright type born again (if you’re an old head like me and get the song reference) but born again of the Holy Spirit (not holy ghost – a ghost is a disembodied spirit of a dead person – so we will say Holy Spirit).  And contrary to popular belief, there are so many qualifications for being born again, that disprove the replacement theology Christian belief that you can just repeat Romans 10:9 & 10, and fake it til you make it with behavior changes rather than changing the mind. That replacement (replacement is key word) theology is erroneous.  No apologies or apollo-getics needed here – pun intended.

Again, for the billions who are deceived, it’s unfortunate that the third hardship, is not even often viewed as hardship, but is chalked up to a ton of life’s catch phrases to explain it away – sometimes more positive than my quotes listed here:
…”It is what it is”
…”Life’s a *itch/beach/jungle/etc.”
…”When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”
…”Life is hard, get over it”
…”Life is short, live it up”
… “I got 99 problems, but a fill in the blank ain’t one”

Many people don’t realize the hardship is a result of the direct lack of the core foundation based on the “how to” part of living, taught by the scripture, which is the living word, inspired by the Creator of heaven and earth.  The Ultimate FAIL (in the eyes of our Creator) comes when our foundation is dependent on corrupted thoughts, emotions and impulses, instead of Him (his core foundation = his words).   And you don’t come into this world knowing that you have a mind ridden with error.  A person only comes to understand what the true foundation is, by being drawn to speculate that something is OUT OF ORDER and faulty with the present world and its foundation.  They end up wanting real answers on how to fix the obvious problems in this world and less apparent issues within themselves and want to know how to alleviate the hardship instead of settling to accept the hardship.  The Most High has all the answers for what’s needed to fix his chosen people who live in this world and will not give us the run around.   Yah chooses us, and he’s the one that draws us out of our normal thought patterns, to think on these things; we don’t choose him because our sensual sinful selves don’t want him.  But once we are chosen before the foundation of the world, it’s our decision whether to accept the call and allow him to draw us to Himself because as we know, many are called, but only few are chosen.  A person who is chosen will come to learn about the true foundation of Yah through his words.  This person will be repentant (change their mindset from what is false to the truth) and be daily interested in pleasing their Creator and Maker.  This person will come to carefully inspect their thoughts, feelings and emotions and measure it by the words (foundation) of Yah.  The new mind change will put their thoughts (birds), emotions(fish) and flesh(beasts) in subjection to the spiritual mind through Christ.  This spiritual mind is the place that we were meant to operate and have dominion within, made possible by the blood of Yahshua and the Holy Spirit.
And that folks, is called ‘peace of mind’.  Adam himself had authority and dominion over all those things in the beginning and there was peace.

But unfortunately, again, the masses of people are deceived, and won’t believe the truth if you told them.  Herein lies the conundrum.  If a person knew they were being deceived, they would most likely change their role as “boo boo the fool”.  But, the god of this world (satan) has blinded the minds of them that don’t believe the truth, (2nd Corinthians 4:4)  and he has also deceived the whole world (worldly minded people), as verified in Revelation 12:9. So, can the deceived carnal mind experience true peace?

Can we even envision being in a perpetual state of peace?

Visualize with me if you will, that before sin entered the world, Adam and Eve had a perfect relationship with the Father in Heaven.  I perceive they spoke often with him and were one in thoughts with him, perhaps even not needing to speak verbally, but understanding and being one without words…possibly telepathic.  They lived in ease and oneness with their Maker.  They did not have dis-ease.  They had no reason to worry.  They didn’t have thoughts of being tempted or how to overcome temptation.  They were continual in prayer.  Their food was spiritual so there was no need to eat and no need to fast.  Their intimacy with the Most High Yah was spiritual so there was no need to ponder heavily on reproductive methods or dividing their time with the Most High with noticing they were also sexual beings.  They had no thoughts of evil.  There were no lies or BS.  No stealing, violating, violence, murder, suicide, or disability there.  They were comfortable and lived in convenience.  The temperature was perfect so no need for coverings or storage for food that could spoil.  Their minds and bodies were in a perpetual state of satisfaction, unashamed, with everything supplied to them, and no lack.  Man was made as an extension and expansion of the Most High’s heavenly Kingdom and would fulfill that for a short time before he sinned.  Before sinning in the error of their own minds by believing the serpent instead of Yah, they knew no evil.  There was no hardship, no suffering, no sorrow, no headache, no heartache, no agony, no pain, and no fear. No chronos time, no clocks, no running out of time, there was kairos (opportune)time, time outside of mind – they were not “on the clock”.  It was utopia, paradise, heaven.  However, we do know that there was punishment and consequence in this place—which would indicate that our first father on earth had the ability to make a choice and wasn’t made to be a  robotic clone, but a perfect being that was given a command to keep, born out of (Yah’s) perfect love, which has all power to keep fear casted out.

Was the temptation too much for the newly created couple?  Do we curse Eve?  Do we deduce that Yah knew their choice before it happened and if he did know, (which we know he did) do we ask, WHY in theeeee Hail, couldn’t there have been an alternate plan? Could life be easier than this, and Yah, why couldn’t you have just punished the both of them only… and not their descendants also? I mean if we weren’t in a punished state, maybe we could have experienced eternal life living hundreds of years – eternal!!! (Adam could no longer be eternal, although he was made and designed to be.  He died the same day he ate the fruit.  He died at 930 years and spiritually he died in the same day since 1,000 years is the same as 1 day with YAH and remember Yah said to Adam, in the same day you eat of this tree {knowledge of good and evil} you shall surely die.  And as a result of that first disobedience, life is short, ain’t enough time in a day, Y.O.L.O, biological clock is ticking, and we’d better live it up!  Carnal thinking producing carnal living – deception at its finest. Damn Damn Damn Adamn and Eve.
The sadness we feel from time to time is because our first father and mother’s spiritual senses had gone to sleep, while their carnal, physical and sensual senses were awakened.  Oh, what peace they forfeited!!! But there’s good news if you’re reading this, waking up, and seeking true peace.  I need to specify which peace I’m referring to, because there is surely a false peace.  To bring distinction, as the people of Yah should do… our purpose and function is to be like Christ, who is the word of Yah (John 1) and who is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Hebrews 4:12).  So, we must understand a major key point when understanding the scriptures as they apply to our lives.  Key point: For everything good that Yah created, satan has crafted a counterfeit.

Throughout history, Yah had his prophets and holy people document that there would be a false sense of peace.  The following scrips will help us evaluate whether we’ve been lying to ourselves.  z214-coherencia

Deuteronomy 29:19 says – “And it come to pass, when he heareth the words of this curse (referring to curse found in Deut 28 pertaining to Israelites), that he bless himself in his heart, saying, I shall have peace, though I walk in the imagination of mine heart, to add drunkenness to thirst…”

Psalm 28:3 says – Draw me not away with the wicked, and with the workers of iniquity, which speak peace to their neighbors, but mischief is in their hearts.

Isaiah 48:22 says “There is NO peace says Yah, unto the wicked” … and 57:21 reiterates it due to its importance.
If you lack good judgement and tend to “dip dive hook and jive” or some of your ways are crooked, scripture makes it plain in Isaiah 59:8 which states, “The way of peace they  know not; and there is no judgement in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whoever goes therein will not know peace.”
The nation from the north, who took and enslaved the Israelite people have spoken with their lips, but their heart was far from it saying in Jeremiah 6:14 and again in 8:11, “They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is NO peace.”

And regarding the false prophets in many of our churches, synagogues, mosques, youtube, or alternate location of your favorite motivational speaker, Jeremiah 23:17 has a message about them, “They (false prophets) still say unto them that despise me, The Lord has said, you shall have peace; and they say to everyone that walks after the imagination of his own heart, No evil shall come upon you.”

There’s even scripture to call out, point out and expose the one whom America calls its president at the present time… “Because, even because they have seduced my people, saying, Peace; and there was no peace; and one built up a wall, and, lo, others daubed it with untempered morter:” in Ezekiel 13:10.  And yet in the book of Daniel there’s more scripture on the presidential office and those who represent the satanic american babylonian united nations one world government, who reside in the background otherwise known as the powers, principalities, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wicked spirits who reside in people in high places, who aren’t visible but yet responsible for the destruction of YAH’s land; however the president in office, sitting in the seat of the scornful, is indeed visible and most would love to gouge their eyes out due to that fact… but Daniel 8:25 reads… “And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.”
and Daniel 8:21 that states “And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.”
and Obadiah 1:7 points out to the Israelite enemy ““All the men of your confederacy have brought you even to the border: the men that were at peace with you have deceived you, and prevailed against you; they that eat your bread have laid a wound under you: there is none understanding in him.”
And furthermore 1 Thessalonians 5: 2,3 and 4 reiterate to the Israelite people: “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of Yah so comes as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, PEACE & SAFETY”… (political promises, sustainable development goals, and the push for safety in so called Blacks and African-americans returning to ‘Africa’/ Ghana); …”then sudden destruction comes upon them as a travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 4)But you brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.”

This is the evidence given in scripture of the false peace that is present in this world.  We are now living in the end times of spoken of in biblical prophecy.  And if we are not cautious, watching and praying, we are susceptible to fall for the okey doke, being pacified to the point of being deceived in this world’s system, missing out and forfeiting the peace that only Yah can give.

Proven time and again in scripture the peace given by the way, truth and life is totally different from the temporary pacifiers this world offers.  The peace that comes from Yah, gives PERFECT peace.
Isaiah 26:3 says “YOU (Yah) will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on YOU: because he trusts in YOU.” Psalm 4:8 David says, “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for you, My Master Yahuah only make me dwell in safety.” In Psalm 85:8 the psalmist says, “I will hear what Yah my Master will speak: for he will speak peace unto his people, and to his saints: but let them not turn again to folly.”
Yahshua says in John 14:27 says “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world gives, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”
and Philippians 4:7… “And the peace of Yah, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ our Messiah.  And Ephesians 2:14 -17 (read to verse 22 when you get a chance)… this scripture reminds us,
“For he (Yahshua) is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of partition between us; having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain, one new man, so making peace; and that he might reconcile both unto Yah in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby: And came and preached PEACE to you which were afar off, and to them that were nigh.”  Knowing he came to preach (teach) peace to us, we must remember and consider,  “To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace; as stated in Romans 8:6.

The projected mentality of satan onto his enemies (Yah’s chosen people) has been fully in place since the dominion of the world was delivered to him (Luke 4:6) to project his wicked spirit by keeping the masses blissfully ignorant, and pacified by a false sense of peace, that is advertised, propagated and boasted on loop, by the world systems resulting in deep state of slumber and deception.  The Israelites have been in a deeper and longer sleep than Rip Van Winkle with so many symptoms and various syndromes. Unfortunately, Yahweh’s chosen people the Israelites, were put in a spiritual deep sleep for 400 years.  Deep sleep (#8639 TARDEEMAH in the Hebrew).  It’s the same sleep Abraham experienced when he had a nightmare of horror about his seed in Genesis 15.  And then Yah spoke to the prophet Isaiah in 6:10 instructing him to tell the people (scrip paraphrased) “You hear, but you don’t understand…you see indeed, but you do not perceive”—verse 11 continues —“make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and SHUT THEIR EYES; lest (unless) they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.”  It goes on to point out in the same chapter that the tenth/remnant/chosen will return to YAH.

And HalleluYAH!!! Some of Yah’s chosen people have returned because they heard the voice of our Maker tell us to awake from our spiritual sleep (Isaiah 52 and 60) of 400 years (Genesis 15), and we (his seed), are now realizing that the word of Yah is near to us, even in our mouths and heart (Deut 30:14) as it was in our DNA before the foundation of the world=predestination!  The seed was lying dormant in our DNA and we are now accepting the call to come back to the original plan to take our rightful place in the seat of authority, judging the 12 tribes of Israel in His Kingdom as Christ said to his chosen disciples(learned ones) in Luke 22 at Passover/Pesach seder, right before heading to the garden of Gethsemane where the suffering had to take place before the glory.  In that garden, his disciples were sleep because of their sorrows, and he commanded them to rise and pray that they do not enter into temptation, of which, was clearly the culprit in the first garden.  He wanted us to come back and return to him as we were in the original garden before the temptation!  Not to just to have the arduous task of following 603 additional commandments, (on top of the 10 that were written by HIM on 2 tablets of stone and he added no more -stated in Deut 5:22, because the 10 contain the essence of the all the rest) but to fulfill the purpose of why the law was given in the first place!  It was given due to transgressions to put us back in righteous standing, but if you break one, you break them all, so you can see the cycle of bondage it could and did produce. Therefore we were given the great high priest and mediator, Yahshua.  Before the law even came, there was the garden and there was the patriarch Abraham, the father of faith, who paid tithes in the same great High Priest, possibly thankful he would “hook up” his seed in coming generations.  So, as Hebrews, and true spiritual Israelite descendants who are the seed of Abraham, chosen elect remnant called before the foundation of the world, we were not made to just follow rules and regulations like a robotic clone, or more directly, a pharisaical cultural legalist, but to love him with all our hearts minds and strength and be one with him (Deut 6 – the shemmah).  But how do we love him?  Well, no contradiction to my words above regarding the 603 laws, but rather a balance. We love him by keeping his commandments …as Yahshua expressed in the writings of his words… especially the 10, and his Holy days, and as many as possible from HIS examples in scripture, as we learn in our spiritual journey, working out our own soul salvation. May Yah bless our mind so we can learn them, keep them and do them, as we die to the carnal mind and come out of this satanic loving world and its lies and falsehood. After all our suffering, blindness, deafness, and insomnia, this is the place where peace resides.  This is the place where evil is dis-spelled and the place where we arise and elevate in our minds.  This is His Kingdom come on earth (in us his earthen vessels) as it is in Heaven, paradise, in the perfection (wholeness, completeness and in the fulfilled state) of the garden.

We must realize this is what Yahshua came to do. He came to seek and save that which was lost and “that” is the original plan.  He came to restore us and keep his promise to bring us into the spiritual land, reclaiming the authority Adam had.  The mind Adam lost is what must be restored in us, to get us back to the garden, walking with him, talking with him, perpetually, eternally, to live out our eternal life in the present, as Yah is now present with us – he comes in the volume of the books and his people are the scrolls, the living testimony.IMG-4744

If you are seeking peace, how will you find it if you have discovered your current foundation for living is faulty on shaky ground?  His Torah(law), the prophets and the writing of the whole entire book, should be eaten like John did in and it was bittersweet, referenced in Revelation 10:9 & 10.  Let’s remember his law, statues, and commandments do guide our way, and they are not grievous at all for his chosen people.  For as many that are led by the Spirit of Yah, they are the sons and daughters of Yah – Romans 8:14.

Through the blood of the lamb and the words of the Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit, this place…this better condition, this state of mind, can be a reality, where we can regroup for the mission, pick up our burdens and follow him, to be “as He is”… 1 John 4:17 “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world”… but definitely not of  (originated from) the world.

Therefore, peace (shalom) be unto you!

This blog was inspired by the Holy Spirit of Yah. The message is intended for the lost sheep of the house of Israel, who are the scattered parts of the remnant, who may identify with this writing, and it is for the glory of our Father in heaven, Bless his holy name as He reigns forever and ever!


400 years TODAY

… It’s our anniversary … anniversary…
… It’s our anniversary … of our slavery!
400 years ago this day, the first recognized documented “Africans” arrived in Point Comfort/Jamestown, Virginia in 1619 on a ship called the White Lion.  Historians established that this is when slavery first began, but we understand that there are accounts of other “Africans” arriving well before that time in other areas of the Americas and Caribbean islands.  So then, I ask myself, what then is the focal point of most historians acknowledging the dates of August 1619 as the first arrival of “African” captives?  Could the reason be that these new group of “Africans” were intended to be perpetually enslaved for the free labor in the building up of a new corporation?
Let’s take a case in point.  President Trump gave a speech in Jamestown, Virginia on Tuesday July 30th to commemorate the 400 year anniversary for democracy birthed in Jamestown, VA.  Although the documentation shows that Jamestown was established in 1607, many don’t realize that the first representative assembly in the American colonies met 21 days before the first “Africans” twenty something in number, arrived in Point Comfort/Jamestown. There is something to be said regarding this timeline and this particular “African”.  To note, the Virginia Company was established as a corporation which was founded by the investors, stock holders and elite bankers in London (including Francis Bacon a high ranking 33rd degree mason), and named after King James 1st.  He was originally King James the 6th of Scotland until 1567 and became King James 1 of England and Ireland in 1603, until his death in 1625…… yes…. the same King James that most biblical scholars refer to today.  And for those that don’t know, the name James, is a variation of Jacob; as in, Jacob the third patriarch in the bible.  (Hmm Jamestown or Jacobstown?) Virginia however, was named after Queen Elizabeth 1, who was referred to as the Virgin Queen.  Which matches biblical prophecy to the Queen of Babylon, and this Babylonian system is unmistakably identified in Isaiah 47 – read whole chapter reference.  The system at birth comprised the Virginia Company (representative of new America), chartered by King James 1 (London), and authorized by the Pope and church of England (Vatican). These correlations to the players in history will help you recognize your enemies as you continue to study truth.
As far as we know, the account is documented that the first “Africans” were brought to the Americas from coasts of West Africa. Some accounts say present day Angola which is more southwest of Africa today.  A vintage map from 1747 reveals that Negroland and Guinea were in Northwest Africa, closer to where Ghana is today and it recognizes the Kingdom of Juda or Whidah (same as Judah spoken in dutch tongue), and this we see was documented as the Slave Coast on the vintage map displayed, circled in red.
vintage map of kingdom of Juda
One must ask, since Africa is so large and there are documents of Kingdoms of people from various tribes and nations (families) …which “Africans” came in 1619?  Again, we realize that there are documents of either African slaves, indentured servants or free men (as they say), that resided here before 1619 in the ‘new’ country around and after the 1400s, but not until 1619 was there any documentation of the brutal dehumanizing and horrific treatment of the chattel property that would become the largest stock commodity in the investors’ pockets.  Our ancestors were forcibly brought here to provide relief to the debt accruing in the debuting Jamestown, London company.  By the way, the stock market as we know now, started with the slave trade, and the famous “Wall Street” in New York was deemed this due to the walls that were built to hide the filth and terror of the slaves from the calloused consciousness of the slave oppressor.  Read Revelation 18:1-13 where Babylon is and will be severely punished and destroyed for her Iniquities, her fornication and her merchandise… and peep the last items of merchandise in verse 13; SLAVES and the SOULS OF MEN.  Also peep the obelisk that was built at Jamestown with the eagle at the top representing a bird of prey, which Yahshua spoke of in Matthew 24: 28 – wherever the carcase is, (corpse=corporations) there will the eagles be gathered together.  And the monument’s inscription takes a scripture out of context straight from Matthew 15:13, by changing one word.  Christ’s words were spoken to the Pharisees when he told them “Every plant which my heavenly Father has not planted, shall be rooted up. 14-Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind.  And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”  Notice how the word “plant”  was changed conveniently to “plantation” as this was erected in 1907.
J - Tercentenary Monument
This begs us to question specifically which Africans came here and when?  from what tribe?  of which dialect?  The writer of Jewish decent (in this case, Jew means from the tribe of Judah with genealogical line, descendant of Macabees), Flavius Josephus writes the Antiquities of the Jews in 93 C.E. (The letters “CE” are the abbreviation of French phrase “Conformité Européene” which literally means “European Conformity”) and points out, where Africa got it’s name.  Josephus was a 1st century historian and scribe of priestly and royal ancestry (one of the twelve tribes) who survived and recorded the destruction of Jerusalem.  Since the Father of faith of the 12 tribes of Israel was Hebrew, we should trust the written fact of this historian, more than the many other theories and views about where the name “Africa” comes from.  He says the continent was named for Afer, the grandson of Abraham and a companion of Hercules, whose descendants invaded Libya. The Hebrew name for the continent, Auphirah is said to be written as Ophir in many Jewish records.  In addition, it is a variation of the Roman word “aprica”, meaning sunny, or the Phoenician word “afar”, meaning dust. In Genesis 3:14 the serpent will eat the dust all the days of his life.  Dust is earthly, referring to the carnal mind.  We are to shake the dust off of our feet when those opposing spirits do not receive us or hear our words, which should be our Heavenly Father’s words through Christ.  Meanwhile, there is a co-opt of the 400 year theme, from satan, luring “African-Americans” to go back to Africa.  It started with Boris Kodjoe who lead and hosted top celebrities to Ghana in January 2019, an event dedicated to honoring “our ancestry by celebrating our heritage and generational legacy,” according to Ghana Web, and is also promoted by Steve Harvey who said that “Every African American should experience this for your own soul…it’s for your soul…you know your soul is here” in Ghana.
 It seems really strange that after all this time during which, Africans, could have helped the so-called African Americans, they now want to embrace us with open arms.  It’s historically recorded that African tribes conspired with other nations to sell us in the slave trade; us, the special group of “Africans”  – and think, there’s no clarification or distinction of “African”.  There are blurred lines created effectively by satan. So-called Black Americans are just supposed to accept that we came from somewhere in Africa and get a DNA test from to prove it – checkout this company’s revenue and privacy “conspiracy” and tell me if you trust that modern day scientists are supposed to guess your nationality based off your saliva.  I think not.  The world government, including world leaders in Africa are now helping us repatriate back to Ghana, back to the castles and dungeons at point of NO RETURN where we left from, but ask yourself… is this the solution for the hatred, violence and murder in our minds and therefore in our homes, our music, and our streets?  Is moving back to Africa the answer to police brutality, drugs and poison of every sort, the pipeline to school to work or prison system, the re-establishment of Jim Crow laws (i.e. driving while black, eating while black, swimming while black, cooking out while black, ringing a doorbell while black, etc., etc.),abortions, harvesting of organs for melanin, etc., human trafficking/auctioning/trade & numerous exploitation for commodities, and so on and so forth?  Why now?  There is evidence that this whole world is wicked, so moving will not take oneself, “off the grid”.  Ask yourself, is Ghana free from this whole world system of modern Babylon?  And to repatriate in Ghana, the stipulation is that you must embrace Ghanaian African culture. Culture is a derivative of the word cult.  The people called by the Most High Yah, can’t be caught up placing more value in the culture, rather than the very heart of Yah’s words.  We should not have the urge to move suddenly when we have an example of our father Abraham, who was a pilgrim and stranger on earth, and who looked for a heavenly place whose builder and maker was Yahuah.  He did not look for the work of men’s hands, nor did he place more emphasis on the physical promised land.  If you can hear the voice of the true and living God, do not be deceived during this shift of captivity – seek understanding wisdom and revelation and acknowledge Him in all your ways.
For those who’ve been keeping up with the signs of the time in the spirit, please realize the significance of 400.  It’s a multiple with the root of 4.  In the first known language of Hebrew, the fourth hebrew letter is the dalet (daleph).  Dalet is the numberical value of four, and it means, door.  When we think of a door, we most often think of a door of opportunity.  There are many doors in life, and it’s human nature to be mostly apprehensive and skeptical about going through a closed door, let alone an open one that could host a trap.  But unlike other doors that have an enticing lure to enter, this door that I speak of, is an exit door into a wholeness, completeness, and finished work of something that was in the plans long before the foundation of the world.  Truly the great substance that we are receiving in the 2nd exodus, is the spiritual substance of faith, understanding, revelation of scripture and true enlightenment from Yahshua who is the spirit of prophecy.  Also the substance is authority, dominion, and leadership in the Kingdom of Heaven to once and for all teach the scriptures correctly and to SET IT IN ORDER for Yah (Isaiah 44:7), since his true people are the ancient ones called before the foundation of the world.  The gospel of the Kingdom is in us, his people…. the mystery has been revealed, Christ in us, his people…and by the way, Yahshua (who the world erroneously calls Jesus) is coming in clouds, which in the Hebrew is interpreted as ‘crowds of men’, in other words “that great cloud of witnesses”… and more on this subject to come………but this is the substance we are coming out with.  Now that the Gentile dispensation is coming to a close, the born again chosen elect remnant of Yahuah is “Made 2 Order” and rule in Yah’s kingdom on earth which is an everlasting kingdom, by exposing the works of satan and re-establishing Yah’s laws and holy order.  As Yah’s people, we must come out from among them and be separated from this satanic system, humble ourselves, seek his face and turn from our wicked ways, then at the end of this process of affliction, He will lift us up.  And if you are a part of the chosen few that can hear the voice of Yah in these last days, but may not quite understand or agree with all of my premises, but in fact, any of this resonates with you, then we have a reason to celebrate.  However, let’s press on to get the understanding of the mysteries because they are the keys to our complete freedom from the unspeakable bondage that has been endured by Hebrews (the so called negroes, nekros, niggas, colored, afro-american, black, & african-american), for 400 years.
This blog was strongly inspired by bible study with a group of Yah’s true chosen people,  priests called by the Melchizedek order, in the New Jerusalem state of mind, located in actual modern Babylon/Egypt/land of the Chaldeans (sorcerers, soothsayers, magicians, politicians, clairvoyants, celebrities, palm readers, mediums, advisors, people caught up in titles, and the so-called wise men of this world).  Like it or not, this space is for the  scattered parts of the remnant who may identify with this writing, and it is for the glory of our Father in heaven.